rl syndicate

Sharpodds have 7 places available in our Racing Lays Syndicate.

The RL Syndicate focuses on horse racing lay bets exploiting horses that are over-backed. All bets will be placed at Betfair SP. This approach has averaged 500+ points profit per year.

To join the RL Syndicate you will require a Betfair account that has not qualified for the Premium Charge and a separate betting bank of £3,000 that you can invest for up to a 2 year period. All profits will need to be reinvested to grow the stakes as per the table below. Based on past results we would expect members to make a total profit in the region of £20,000 within 2 years.

The stakes in the table refer to fixed stakes not fixed risk. The maximum odds we lay at are 33/1 so the maximum risk per bet is 33 x stake. We operate using a rolling 300 point bank with stakes re-calibrated initially after every £600 of profit and then increasing increments as the bank grows. It is essential that all members stick to the staking plan/bank management as although our strike rate is around 93%, losing streaks circa 50 points will occur regularly and 100-150 points every so often.

We average 12 bets a day. Bets are placed within the last minute preceding the scheduled off time of the race using commercially available bet placement software running on a VPS. The bet placement software is £12.50 per month and the VPS is £120 per year, which we will set up for you. The VPS is UK based and accessible via iPhone/Android so everything can be operated using your phone/tablet/laptop anywhere in the world. The bet placement software will automatically upload the bets so all you need to do is start the software and let it run.

The RL Syndicate is run on a profit share basis, in which we take 35% of the profit after 5% Betfair commission has been deducted.

Due to the liquidity at the odds ranges in which we bet, places are strictly limited to 10.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to join a highly lucrative professional syndicate and we are looking only for focused people who are prepared to treat this as an investment and can handle the highs and lows that come with this style of betting.

To apply for a place on the RL Syndicate please email us at rlsyndicate@sharpodds.com with a brief history of your betting experience, detailing what stakes/markets/number of bets you usually have and we will supply you further details on how to reserve a place. Should you have any questions then please email us at the above address.